About Kinsahi Catering

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BNX Delight Holding Sdn Bhd is a diversified F&B company, focused on serving the freshest ingredients that are both delicious and comfortably priced. Founded in the year 2002, BNX’s Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant was one of the pioneers to serve quality Japanese food in Johor.

Over the years, BNX has since then expanded and explored new flavors. There are now 11 restaurants under the company, which includes Kinsahi, Arashi Shabu-shabu and Zen Taiwanese.

As a top Japanese Restaurant in Johor, Kinsahi brings the finest Japanese cuisine to the locals. Kinsahi was awarded “Most Distinctive Malaysian Style Japanese Ramen” and “Most Creative Japanese Restaurant” by Tokyo TV, a Japanese cuisine television program. Our innovation which allow adaptations to specially cater to Malaysian customers’ taste buds.

Since its establishment in 2011, Kinsahi Catering has made many party hosts in Malaysia proud. It impressed the guests with fresh and tantalising Japanese cuisines that the chefs prepare on-site. The attention and hospitality its service crew provides makes the parties ever memorable. Equally impressive is its set-up service that turns the venue — be it home or office — into a cozy Japanese restaurant, and the operations management that takes care of every detail — leaving the hosts with a peace of mind.